Top 10 marketplaces to sell online in Malaysia

Top 10 marketplaces to sell online in Malaysia

CK Wong Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Are you planning to sell online but not sure which online marketplaces to start? Here’s the top 10 e-commerce platforms ranked by website traffic.

Notice: We have updated this article with the latest ranking in May 2019, the original version was written back in November 2014.

In the span of 5 years since 2014, there are a lot of movements in the top 10 online marketplaces in Malaysia. Internet business might look cool but it is also a high-risk venture.

Brands like Groupon, Rakuten, Lamido (if this rings a bell), GEMFive etc. had been shut down over the years. It is a fact that intensive capital and resources are required to scale and build a successful e-commerce platform.

11street hasn’t even launched yet back then. Besides 11street, we haven’t really got any newcomers who stamped their mark except for the TV / home shopping brands like Astro Go Shop and CJ WOW Shop. was the chart-topper in 2014, but has since been overtaken by Lazada who held the pole position for some time, and being pipped by Shopee just by a slight margin not too long ago.

We rank the e-marketplaces purely by the website traffic (by referring SimilarWeb as of April 2019), excluding mobile app tractions. This is one of the most important factors for merchants to consider before joining any e-commerce platforms.

While we rank the websites by traffic, here’s how we shortlist the e-marketplaces:

  • The website must facilitate online payment, so classified sites like and Carousell are excluded here.
  • Online marketplaces which focus on Malaysia’s market not those international platforms, with website traffic predominantly local.
  • Most importantly, online platforms which enable local sellers to sell their products, be it self-service marketplaces or B2C / supplier model.
  • Focus on websites who offer products across multi-categories instead of those who focus on certain category only like fashion, beauty, etc.

Without further ado, let’s find out who are the top 10 e-commerce marketplaces in Malaysia in 2019!

#1. Shopee

Total Visits: 20,870,000
Avg. Visit Duration: 9:35
Pages per Visit: 10.95
Bounce Rate: 31.31%

#2. Lazada

Total Visits: 20,030,000
Avg. Visit Duration: 6:57
Pages per Visit: 8.54
Bounce Rate: 36.91%


Total Visits: 3,630,000
Avg. Visit Duration: 2:47
Pages per Visit: 2.86
Bounce Rate: 59.90%

#4. 11street

Total Visits: 1,350,000
Avg. Visit Duration: 2:58
Pages per Visit: 3.70
Bounce Rate: 52.86%

#5. GoShop

Total Visits: 782,200
Avg. Visit Duration: 4:24
Pages per Visit: 4.99
Bounce Rate: 42.83%

#6. eBay

Total Visits: 726,000
Avg. Visit Duration: 5:49
Pages per Visit: 6.57
Bounce Rate: 32.99%

#7. Qoo10

Total Visits: 444,990
Avg. Visit Duration: 1:48
Pages per Visit: 3.19
Bounce Rate: 46.48%

#8. CJ WOW Shop

Total Visits: 378,290
Avg. Visit Duration: 6:38
Pages per Visit: 8.40
Bounce Rate: 25.25%

#9. Youbeli

Total Visits: 212,060
Avg. Visit Duration: 1:39
Pages per Visit: 2.50
Bounce Rate: 65.56%

#10. Superbuy

Total Visits: 64,570
Avg. Visit Duration: 2:44
Pages per Visit: 4.27
Bounce Rate: 56.56%


While the big two (luckily it’s not just one) are pulling away from the rest, it is still nice to see half of the chart-toppers are locally-owned businesses.

There are also a couple of local online marketplaces who “come and go” in recent years. The latest players in town are Vettons, LamboPlace both with background unclear to many.