The Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

The Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development


Just like any other in the technological industry, the mobile application development field is changing and advancing at a rapid pace. Developing an app for the services that you offer has become an essential part of running a business, big or small. Furthermore, if you develop one such app by using the Internet of Things (IoT), it can only boost your chances of improving your business.

The entire idea of using the IoT is meant to make our lives easier, by integrating it into everything that we do. And what is one thing that we do almost all the time? That’s right, we have reached a point in today’s society when we use smartphones for the majority of daily activities that we conduct. Here is a quick look at how the IoT impacts the mobile app development:

The Mobile Network

According to recent studies, the average American adult spends almost 3 hours per day using the smartphone. Given the fact that every moment people spend on their phones is through an app, the demand for this kind of software is always increasing. And thanks to the Internet of Things, mobile app development is progressing every day and the results never fail to impress.

But how does the IoT affect this industry? Well, first of all, the IoT makes it much more easier to connect mobile phones to one another. And that’s not the only network it helps creating, but there’s also the network of people that consists of great developers who want to collaborate with each other and come up with new projects together.

Innovative Ideas

It all starts with the right idea. That’s how the people who created Uber started. Sure, there were already some apps out there that helped you get a taxi and estimated arrival time for your ride. But when you take one such app and mix it with the IoT, you get something like Uber; an app that shows you where the nearest driver is, how much money you’re going to pay for the ride and much more information, by gathering data from all the devices connected to your app through the IoT.

The IoT is nowadays an essential part of the whole process of starting a business and developing an app for it. Most big companies at the moment would have never really made it without the IoT, and an increasing number of them even specialize in its development. And that is mainly because by creating an effective and useful app with the use of IoT; it comes easier to attract people who are willing to pay good money for quality services that they can use while on their phones.

Security Issues

When it comes to the IoT, not all aspects are necessarily positive. With unsurpassed connectivity, there will now be more endpoints for cybercriminals to target. That means that the biggest challenge is for the programmers to build proper security for every application. Actually, that’s one of the biggest issues in security nowadays: programmers writing superficial code. Also, given the fact that the IoT sector is fairly new, failure might show up in different processes or procedures.

Unfortunately, malware remains an issue, considering the cybercriminals whose intentions are to target mobile applications. IoT security is still not on point, as the technology itself is not fully developed. Some people say that it might take one serious incident of a product or urban infrastructure compromise that will affect a large number of people, in order for security measures to be taken for the IoT developed apps.

There are not too many things that changed the face of developing apps more than the IoT did. The best thing is that the two of them are actually growing together. As the IoT becomes more and more important in technology and people invest more money in it, the mobile app development will also benefit from this. And maybe the most important benefit that this connection brings, it’s the benefit that the mobile app users have: new ways of making daily activities easier coming up all the time.