Hyundai replaces car keys with smartphone in 2020 Sonata

Hyundai replaces car keys with smartphone in 2020 Sonata

Monday, 22 Apr 2019
9:00 AM MYT

The Star – Tech News

At the New York International Auto Show this week, Hyundai debuted the third-generation 2020 Sonata equipped with a company first: The Digital Key.

Though the Sonata has been around since the 1980s, the latest 2020 iteration comes with technology never before seen in any Hyundai model: a Digital Key feature.

This tool uses Near Field Communication tech to turn a smartphone into a key via a dedicated mobile application – there’s no need to carry around a traditional set.

Through the app, vehicle owners can select which smartphones have access to the car and for how long. Those that do can only control the Sonata when their phone is within a couple centimetres of the vehicle; However, the app can remotely manage (via Bluetooth) some car systems, like activating the panic alarm or starting the engine.

The access various users have to the vehicle can be individually tailored by the car owner. Vehicle usage can be limited as well as access to particular features. Additionally, the key can be remotely revoked at any time.

The Digital Key is only available to Android-powered devices; therefore, it comes with a set of traditional keys.

The 2020 Sonata goes into production this September and will hit dealerships in October. – AFP Relaxnews