Gmail celebrates 15 years with new email features

Gmail celebrates 15 years with new email features

Tuesday, 2 Apr 2019
3:24 PM MYT

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Google brings Smart Compose support to four new languages in Gmail, makes Smart Compose suggestions more personalised, and lets you schedule when your emails are delivered in honour of the email service’s 15th birthday.

Fifteen years ago, on April 1, 2004, Google’s free email service Gmail was launched. To celebrate this milestone, the company has announced three new features that are coming to the platform that Google promises are not April Fool’s Day jokes: Smart Compose is now compatible with more languages in addition to being more personalised, and now you can schedule when your email will be sent.

Smart Compose, the AI-powered feature that offers text suggestions when you’re composing an email now supports four new languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. As of April 1, it is available to all Android devices instead of just to Pixel 3 with iOS support on the way.

Additionally, Smart Compose will begin tailoring its suggestions to you and your email writing style. As Google notes, if you tend to start your messages with “Ahoy”, or “Ello, mate”, Smart Compose will begin suggesting that greeting.

As of Sunday, you can also choose when your emails are delivered, an especially useful tool when you’re working across time zones or don’t want to interrupt any weekends or vacations.

Though Google is celebrating this April Fool’s Day will a slew of pranks, the company reiterates that “the last 15 years have been no joke”. – AFP Relaxnews