The Map of E-commerce in Malaysia (Q2 2020)

The Map of E-commerce in Malaysia (Q2 2020)

The Map of E-Commerce ranks Malaysia’s top 50 e-commerce players based on their average quarterly traffic, mobile application ranking, social media followers and number of staff.

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Data of Q2 2020 was updated on 21/7/2020

Mapping Malaysia’s Leading E-commerce Players

SimilarWeb’s traffic algorithm was updated as of September 2019.
(*) Numbers of Facebook followers of these merchants were totaled from multiple countries, and do not reflect precisely their social media audience in one country.


Monthly Visits
Average monthly website visits. Source: SimilarWeb

App Ranking
Average ranking of mobile app. Source: App Annie

Social Media Followers
Source: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

The number of Facebook followers were taken from country-specific pages except for regional players where the number of country-specific followers are not publicly available.

Number of Employees
Source: LinkedIn. Data will be displayed as (n/a) if the number of employees are not available

List of Merchants

  1. E-commerce who received more than 100,000 visitors per-month or 100,000 social media followers are qualified for this list.
  2. The following industries were not included in this list: e-ticketing, financial services, rental services, insurance, delivery service, food & beverage, meta-search, couponing, cashback websites and ecommerce who solely provides classified ads/P2P services.
  3. All e-commerce who initiated their business as a physical store were excluded from this list.