The Map of E-commerce in Malaysia (Q1 2020)

The Map of E-commerce in Malaysia (Q1 2020)

The Map of E-Commerce ranks Malaysia’s top 50 e-commerce players based on their average quarterly traffic, mobile application ranking, social media followers and number of staff.


Data of Q1 2020 was updated on 30/4/2020

Mapping Malaysia’s Leading E-commerce Players


Monthly Visits
Average monthly website visits. Source: SimilarWeb

App Ranking
Average ranking of mobile app. Source: App Annie

Social Media Followers
Source: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

The number of Facebook followers were taken from country-specific pages except for regional players where the number of country-specific followers are not publicly available.

Number of Employees
Source: LinkedIn. Data will be displayed as (n/a) if the number of employees are not available

List of Merchants

  1. E-commerce who received more than 100,000 visitors per-month or 100,000 social media followers are qualified for this list.
  2. The following industries were not included in this list: e-ticketing, financial services, rental services, insurance, delivery service, food & beverage, meta-search, couponing, cashback websites and ecommerce who solely provides classified ads/P2P services.
  3. All e-commerce who initiated their business as a physical store were excluded from this list.

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