Chinese police now have AI helmets for temperature screening

Chinese police now have AI helmets for temperature screening

This Robocop-style headgear can screen out potential coronavirus carriers

South China Morning Post

Police and epidemic control units in China can now screen out potential coronavirus carriers with the help of futuristic-looking smart helmets. Shenzhen-based Kuang-Chi Technology introduced police smart helmets that can quickly measure body temperature in crowds. The infrared cameras attached to the N901 helmets enable wearers to measure temperature from up to five meters away. They can scan QR codes and have facial recognition, according to the company.

In addition to including AR glasses, the helmets are also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G connectivity, the company said when it introduced the product last November. The helmets are already being used in Shanghai and some other Chinese cities. The company says its helmets are light, too, thanks to its specially engineered metamaterials that it’s been developing with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

Other Chinese tech companies have also been developing solutions for smart temperature screening, albeit with less Robocop-like designs. National AI champions Megvii and Baidu both rolled out fever detection systems that are already in use in Beijing’s subway system. And DJI recently improved the accuracy of its thermal-imaging drones when measuring temperature just by adding a simple cotton swab.